Doughblogs is about the art of making real bread. No preservatives, no man made chemicals, no bull. From basic breads to more complex (don’t panic, it’s still a doddle) leaven – related bread, this is bread for life. Easily made at home with no fancy equipment, no breadmaking machine (apart from you that is), no nonsense. So get cracking, and stop moaning that you don’t have the time. I don’t care if you’re Barack Obama or Lady Gaga, you DO have time.

There are some basic recipes here which are easy to follow.  I’ll update them now and again if I can be bothered, but the real good stuff is on the bread making days where yours truly will swear at you a lot, make inappropriate comments and send you home with spectacular bread you’ll have made yourself.

If you have suggestions or want to fling a virtual set of skimpy knickers at me, use the “leave a comment” link below. In the meantime, why not follow me on Twitter , though I can’t promise I won’t swear.  If you want some leaven, I’ll be able to do this imminently and safely, take a look at the Leavensent page.


30 responses to “Leaven

  1. My friend Matt gave me some leaven which I believe is a baby of yours, I have named her Mabel and now I’m all excited and shall blog myself! xxx

  2. I used the breadmaker yesterday! I forgot to take Bob out of the fridge and feed him the night before so I did that in the morning and left him in the conservatory where it’s nice and warm. In the afternoon I was running out of time so used him in the breadmaker on a fast program (2hrs 40mins). I used about 250g leaven, 250g room temp water, about 600g very strong white flour and some ground salt. My main problem was that the loaf refused to come out of the tin! It turned out very thick, sort of like rye bread. It was lovely though and I only have a little bit left :o)

  3. Just a couple of questions.

    Firstly after a few days I get liquid on the top of my leaven, doesn’t even last a week after a feed! What’s going on?

    Secondly does anyone know the ratio of dry instant yeast to leaven? I want to try and make some in my breadmaker when I don’t have time to worry about the oven (which also turns itself off every now and then!) and can just forget about it for 3 hours. Thanks 🙂

    • dont worry about the liquid, it happens. it isnt taking any harm. just pour it off.
      about dry yeast and breadmakers – that kind of defeats the object. your leaven contains your yeast anyway, you dont need more for a breadmaker. if you must use one, put it on manual and give it a really long prove – like 4 hours.

      • Thanks. I meant how much leaven do I use instead of dried yeast 🙂 I did put it all in the breadmaker (used the basic recipe) and stuck it on the dough cycle and it raised really well. Except that I then put it in the oven which turned itself off halfway through! Shall try breadmaker again tomorrow and see if it’ll cook in that.

  4. hey,

    was reading a pal’s copy of his CAMRA Newsletter and saw an article about the “Real Bread Campaign”

    Website here: http://www.realbreadcampaign.org

    Not had a look yet as commandeering said friends computer to post this.

    Hope it’s of use!


  5. Woo hoo mine has arrived! Called Bob and is now in his new jar home, well fed and in the fridge :o)

  6. Got mine from Lisa today – amazed at how alcoholic it smells. Can’t wait to get started.

  7. It arrived today. My husband was working from home, so opened the envelope and rang me to ask if it was supposed to be loose. It had made a serious break for freedom, with more being in the envelope than left in the tub.

    I have scooped it all out into the jar, it should still be ok, shouldn’t it?

    I hope so, as the smell of it has made me even more keen to get started.


  8. Mine arrived today though im not sure it will be OK.
    It didnt look like porridge, more like pancake batter.

    I have followed the instructions though, so ill hope for the best.

    There also wasnt very much of it.

    Will it work do you think?

    Thanks so much.
    It did smell wonderful though

  9. Do I win the prize for loaf most likely to be mistaken for a large baked potato? (I blame the oven) Tastes marvellous though. I’m going to try it on a cooler setting next time as I think my oven is hotter than it ought to be.

  10. Just interviewed Richard Corrigan, who came up with a fabulous quote that you might like to use here:

    “Nothing motivates a cook like the smell of baking bread”

  11. Yaaaaaaaay, my leaven arrived this morning, thank you Dough Master General for sending more after Royal Mail lost the first batch. It’s now sitting happily in the fridge waiting to be used on Sunday.

  12. My leaven has landed! Thank you for sending it.

    Nicolaaaa has asked for 100g when it is ready to pass on, so I shall be doing the right thing and spreading the love.

  13. Dear Dough Master

    Is it possible to send some dried leaven to Texas?

    In anticipation,

    • yes no problem – just send the address. Bear with me though, I’m hideously busy work-wise, so it needs drying first, then testing, then if all ok, sending.

  14. just to say thanks very much for the leaven…I’m looking forward to my first tasty bread in years!

  15. Oh yeah, do post on here how many people you’ve given it too, and pass them the URL http://www.doughblogs.com (which redirects here, and is a bit easier to remember)

  16. My husband has just called you the Jamie Oliver of leaven…hmm methink that you might be insulted! Should we let you know if we pass it on to our friends as well? Not just sending it via the post.

  17. Thanks so much for the leaven, it’s very generous of you. It arrived this morning and “Elvis” has been in the fridge for about 5 hours now. There’s condensation around the top of the jar and a few bubbles appearing on the top so I guess I could say “It’s alive……”

  18. Thanks so much for the leaven it arrived this morning, fab! I dealt with it straight away and it is now happily sitting in a glass jar waiting for its next stage of loving.
    A tiny bit was also oozing out of the tub, you could smell the goodness through the envelope.

  19. Thanks so much for the leaven, I’m off to deal with it now – would you believe a teeny tiny bit was oozing out of the tub?

    Shame it got delivered today, if it had been left to Monday’s post, it would probably have taken over Royal Mail and turned it into a profitable business!

  20. Thank you so much for the leaven..it arrived this morning.Very kind of you.

  21. Just to say well done on the fantastic blog, so informative and I will be sending a few foodie friends to have a look. Thanks!

    • When you get the leaven, follow the instructions on the “EEK” page, then why not give 100 grams of it to a mate? Pass it on style.

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