What do you need?

2 metal loaf tins – choose ones which are around 29 cm long by 14cm wide (that’s measuring the outside not the inside).

set of digital scales

measuring teaspoons – not essential, but handy

Decent sized Kilner jar must hold a couple of pints – ikea sell them for a quid

a water mister/sprayer

Strong white bread flour – I like the Doves farm organic one, you can buy it from Sainsburys

Mixed grain flour with malt or whatever – again, Doves farm does one, its in a pale brown bag

Salt – not table salt, something like Maldon or similar. It needs to be ground with a pestle and mortar as its too large in its raw state

Water – purists say use spring water, but I can’t be arsed, so just use tap – must be at room temperature. I guess if you live in a really hard water area then bottle water might be better.

That’s all you need to get going. For later recipes (as yet not posted), you’ll need a razor blade (no, it’s not to slash your wrists with), and a rolling pin.



12 responses to “Equipment

  1. Couple of questions…
    salt – why not table salt?
    Flour – baking ingredients are hard to come by round here – what if I can’t find mixed grain flour?
    sealed jars – the husband is concerned about sealed jars and gas pressures. he is a physicist, and should know better. Convince him it won’t explode…

    • table salt contains anti-caking agent, and a number of other things which may hamper the proving process. Keep in mind that the leaven contains no commercial yeast, so its far “weaker” than commercial yeast and you don’t wanter to hamper it at all.

      flour – if you cant find mixed grain don’t worry. You could do all white, or say, 700 white, 200 wholemeal, and 100 rye. Or 700 white and 300 spelt for example. Play around with it, but keep the main proportion white.

      it won’t explode, it’s not that powerful in terms of CO2 release. if you’re really concerned put it in a small bowl tightly wrapped with cling film. But tell him to relax about it.

      • OK. So unadulterated salt it is. And I shall go on a flour hunt this weekend, and see what there is to be had.

        He said he wasn’t worried, just curious [rotfl]

  2. Do you have any links to good sites for baking equipment?

  3. Kilner jar question – does it need to be one with a steel clip over the lid?

    • Not really, doesn’t matter. A screw top jar would do, or even anything glass with cling wrap tightly pulled over it. get a kilner jar with the mechanism anyway, it’ll make you feel that you’ve got back to nature. ha!

  4. I shall get out the tape measure and see whether I need a trip to Lakeland

  5. How deep do the loaf tins need to be? My pyrex loaf tin (not actually made out of glass) seems quite shallow.

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