Word Press growing blogs list + requests

Apparently this is number 62 on the Word Press “growing blogs” list. Over 2000 unique visitors in less than 7 days. ‘mazin’.

Remember the point of it – spread the leaven, get people baking their own fantastic bread. Please keep emailing the send requests. Tell me how many people you’re sending it too. Tell me what recipes you want, communicate!



19 responses to “Word Press growing blogs list + requests

  1. any chance of a hot cross bun recipe? or at least an approximation of how much leaven to use in one? thank you!

    • oooh now then. As Jimmy Saville would say. First reaction is no idea whatsoever. Will have to look at some more “normal” recipes first and then try it and adapt it. Watch this space.

  2. Stupid question coming up- We’ve baked with it this weekend (yay!) but probably won’t want to bake with it again for a fortnight or more. Will I have to refresh it every 7-10 days or can it happily sit in my fridge until just before we need it?

    • if you want to leave it for two weeks, add 100g water, and about 140 of flour. you ll end up with a really stiff paste, but for some reason, the stiffer the mix, the longer it lasts between feeds. Try that, and after a week have a look at it. If it’s not doing much it should be fine. If there is liquid on the top pour that away, discard about 75% of it and then add 100 flour and 100 water. you ll have to play it by ear a bit, as it also depends on the temp of your fridge.
      send pics of what you ve made this weekend!

  3. presumably rolls can be made just by making roll shapes and bunging them – where – on a baking tray?

    what about pitta style shenanigans?

    • Yes and no. I ok do something on rolls in due course. Pita? Not sure yet. It’s not on the immediatemenu.
      Will write more tomorrow. Am away at present

    • ok, rolls. its not as simple as putting them on a baking tray as the tray is cold, and you need it to be hot, so if you look at the video on the fougasse post, thats what you need to do to slide them in and onto your hot stone/tray. They also need shaping correctly, else they wont rise up, they’ll rise outwards and you’ll end up with a hideous shape. I’ll do a video of shaping for rolls in the not too distant.

  4. Please can you put a recipe up for wholemeal braed too?

    Thank you!

  5. Request for some sweet recipes from me please. Plus Italian breads like focaccia and ciabatta. I don’t ask for much 😉

    No great urgency though, pizza for dinner next weekend and then some ale bread with a venison sausage casserole.

  6. I would love to know how to make bagels, and pretzels

    • am going to do something on bagels in the next couple of weeks once people have started making loaves etc. Will tweet once it’s up

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