How to pass on leaven

So you have yours, and you’ve baking with it. All good. How do you pass it on? You should send 100 grams on to the next person, so when you do a refresh (a “standard” 100g water/120g flour, put it in the fridge as normal, then after 24 hours, scoop out 100grams from the jar, bung it in the (freshly washed!) small container you received when you took delivery of yours, seal it up tightly and place it in the jiffy bag it came it before toddling on down to the post office with it. Please send it first class, and if at all possible, take it later in the day too, so it can stay in the fridge as long as possible for the earlier part of the day.

Make sure that there is a note with it with the website (which redirects to the blog on wordpress) so that the recipient knows where to look for how to handle it.

Don’t worry if you’ve added different flour to strong white to your leaven, it’s all character after all, and the next person who gets yours can use it and adapt it to what they want to bake before they pass some on to the next person.

This will only work if you are prepared to pass some on to one person, and them to one person etc, so become an evangelist!


13 responses to “How to pass on leaven

  1. Hi Doughman, I shall be passing on some leaven to 2 more people next week from work. I am working on a 3rd person too!

    • excellent news! keep the pics coming though – we’re pretty much there with the first hundred people but could really do with more pics of peoples baking

  2. I refreshed when I received my leaven on Tuesday, and I was going to refresh again tonight ready to bake at the weekend. I’ve now received a request to pass on some leaven. When is best to do it – take some out tonight before refreshing and post tomorrow? Or wait until I’ve baked and post on Monday?

    • don’t refresh tonight – do your “big” big refresh on friday night (assuming you’re baking on Sat, or sat if baking sun), leave the bowl out of the fridge then when you bake, take the leaven required for the recipe and put the rest back in the jar. add 100g flour and 100g water to the jar, and put back in the fridge – then on monday take about 80grams from the jar and send that. I’ve found that if one sends 100 grams, it can burst the top of the container, so 80 is about right. Does that help?

  3. Being fick here again. I hope to bake with mine this pm – it was refreshed two days ago.

    How do I get the 100g to pass on? I know someone’s waiting for some leaven… would I bake with mine and then immediately do a refresh, then send off on Monday?

    • When you bake you only need 500g leaven for the basic recipe. You’ve already added 200g if ingredients when it arrived, then you added another 400g ingredients so you’ll have around 200gleaven left after you bake. Just take 100g if that and send it in, there’s no need to refresh as you’ve just done a huge refresh yest. It’s pretty robust and will easily last in the post. Is that a bit more clear?

  4. Will you please do a post about your drying technique? I have a friend in Arizona who wants to try the leaven, and I think the only way I’m going to be able to get it to her is by drying it out for the cross-border trip.


    • I will. As I said to Peaches though, I need to test it and haven’t yet been able to, so please bear with me on that.

  5. Baron mine was like that too as I have just sent some leaven. I was going to ask the same thing but I guess maybe it is normal if we both have it.

  6. Leaven in an envelope and just about to be posted on to MrsB in a minute to catch the post.

    Quick Q regarding the condition of my leaven. It’s quite dry and stretch. Bubbles still appearing on the top and seems to have risen overnight in my fridge. Is this normal? Cheers.

    • Yep that’s fine. The stiffer it is, the longer in between feeds it needs. If it starts to get really stiff, next feed just put 100 flour and 100 water and that’ll thin it down a little. It seems to be more resilient to hanging about in the fridge for relatively long periods when it’s stiffer

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