Leaven update

I’ve posted 25 lots, and of those, I know at least 20 have forwarded on to others.  To enable easier management of the send requests, when you sent the email, please make in the subject line “leaven request” and if you give some to friends or family, please tell me so I can keep a track of the numbers, and ask them to do the same.

There is now an autoresponse on the email which outlines the position when you request it, and I’ve done that because, well, because I’m a lazy git a little busy at the moment to reply to each in turn.

Some of you will  be baking this weekend, so don’t forget to send your images and post  up your experiences on the comments page (gallery). Remember to post  under the name you want to be known as, then I can match the images to that name. If your name’s Jane, don’t post up a comment under “BurlsequeQueen” without telling me who you are, otherwise it’ll all start to go wrong.

Keep the requests coming, let’s get at least a hundred, you can do it you louche lot, you!

More recipes will be posted in due course when I have some more time, so keep looking


2 responses to “Leaven update

  1. For passer-on-ers, presumably we can post our 100g any time during the week? i.e. the addresses you’ve been given are for weektime deliveries and won’t sit in the undelivered section of the post office for days?

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