Don’t get all stressed about the flour you choose for your breadmaking. I prefer Shipton Mill or Doves farm, they’re the best on the market, particularly Shipton Mill, and their service is fantastic. I placed an order yesterday around lunchtime, and the package arrived this morning. fantastic!  You can use whatever brand you want of course, but if you really get into baking your own bread and ingredients are important to you, go for the best.

It’s quite hard in numerous parts of the UK to get decent flour – supermarkets tend to stock their own brand plus maintream ones like Allinson and Hovis etc. Some of the Allinson is ok, and they make several which are mixes of different flours, but a purist would mix their own to get the flavour they want. To me the main thing is to enjoy doing it, and most importantly, eating it.

“Speciality” flours are quite hard to get though. Rye in particular, and maize flour are difficult to find, but persevere! It’s not that long ago in years that it was possible to buy rye flour all over, but since the advent of supermarket bread, and the decline of the “true” baker (ie not a high street one which sells fatty sausage rolls etc), it’s not that easy. Keep looking though, because the results with using good flour can be amazing.



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