Black treacle and hazelnut loaf

Yes, Yes, I know I’m lazy. Let’s move on.

100 g leaven
10 g fresh yeast
2 tbsp black treacle
60 g roughly chopped blanched hazelnuts
350 g body temperature water
15 g salt
350 g strong white bread flour
100 g malthouse flour (I used doves farm, but anything a bit malty will do – you could use spelt as well if you fancy)
100 g rye flour

This seems to rock ‘n’ roll a little quicker if you make a starter, so:

Take a big mixing bowl, with 100 grams of the water, then dissolve the yeast into it, then the treacle, and then the leaven.  Once that’s well combined add 75 grams of the white flour and mix thoroughly.  Cover and leave it for about 30-40 minutes and it’ll be foaming more furiously than Gordon Brown.

Add the rest of the flours to it, the salt, the remaining water and your chopped nuts and give it a good mix until you have a wet-ish dough.  Cover and leave it for 15 minutes.  Lightly flour (yes, flour, not oil) your work surface and  knead it for 10 seconds, then replace in the bowl and leave it for 30 mins.  Knead again, then leave it for an hour (covered).  Turn it out on to your work surface and shape it into a loaf, then either pop it into a loaf tin or split it into two and make two large baguettes from it (look at the baguette page for how to fold it correctly).

If making a loaf, dust the top with flour and put over a tea towel and leave it for about an hour and a half. If baguettes, place them seam side up on a well floured surface, or in a shaped cloth and cover and leave for an hour.

To cook your loaf, pre-heat your oven to 230c, mist well with a water spray, ensure your loaf has been lightly sprayed too then sling it in and give it 15 minutes before reducing the temperature to 200 for a further 35 minutes.

To do baguettes, turn them on to a peel, so they’re seam side down and whoosh them into the oven (see the video on fougasse for how to do that).

Bingo, excellent and unusual bread.  Fab with strong cheese, or smoked salmon.

Yes I know there isn’t an image for this one, I forgot to do  it and as you know, I’m lazy.


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