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Liquorice lovers loaf

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I like alliteration. You could say I am a fanatical follower.  I could think up all kinds of wonderful words to describe this beautiful, bountiful bread, but let’s suffice with the recipe reveal. And don’t laugh at the silly mug, … Continue reading


What do you need?

2 metal loaf tins – choose ones which are around 29 cm long by 14cm wide (that’s measuring the outside not the inside).

set of digital scales

measuring teaspoons – not essential, but handy

Decent sized Kilner jar must hold a couple of pints – ikea sell them for a quid

a water mister/sprayer

Strong white bread flour – I like the Doves farm organic one, you can buy it from Sainsburys

Mixed grain flour with malt or whatever – again, Doves farm does one, its in a pale brown bag

Salt – not table salt, something like Maldon or similar. It needs to be ground with a pestle and mortar as its too large in its raw state

Water – purists say use spring water, but I can’t be arsed, so just use tap – must be at room temperature. I guess if you live in a really hard water area then bottle water might be better.

That’s all you need to get going. For later recipes (as yet not posted), you’ll need a razor blade (no, it’s not to slash your wrists with), and a rolling pin.