So how’s it going? Send your dough and bread images! and in the words of Delia, let’s be ‘avin yer!

Let me know how you’re doing – any and all comments below on experiences, thoughts, whatever you want.

Liz’s hot cross buns below. Apparently her other half can’t keep his hands of her fluffy buns

img_0852 img_0850

Sarah’s results from the dried leaven. Nice buns!

_mg_3355 _mg_3412

_mg_3437 _mg_3393

Jaynes loaves below. Check out the crumb!

img_2792 img_2795

Dr Hazels beautiful loaves below. On the left, done in silicone. What kind? a well used breast implant?!

hazel hazel2

First lot of Guiness and Parmesan rolls from Carey

rolls-2 rolls

First results from Canada

img_0781 img_0782

Rebecca’s bakingpiccies-062piccies-068piccies-067

Sandra’s ciabatta below left – how fab does that look?!


from Johanna



Carey’s loaves


Raches shapes Ginni’s Big Foot Fougasse! Zebs loaves

1236543873647 fougasse baked-zebra

Hip Hop baker

leaven4 leaven7 leaven8

Another one on the left from Baron (is he trying to win a prize?!), in the middle, MrsB’s first go, and to the right..

photo mrsb photo1 …Barons fougasse!

Sun March 1st:

Roos experiement. Look at those babies! Her own leaven (left) versus the doughman (right). Taste comments Roo?

unt3 jobe unt2

Feb 28 pics –

Karen’s loaves-a-leaping

100_4817 100_4819 100_4812

Ginni’s slave labour creates leavenly beauty

4-miss-b-kneading 2-miss-b-grinds-salt 7-leavenly-beauty

Last week – Baron gets louche

img_0593 img_0597

img_0602 img_0604




And there we have it. Our first loaves! I think I might shed a tear. Well ok, maybe not, but still, this is fantastic, the loaves look amazing and I hope that really inspires those of you who already have leaven, and for those who don’t, ask for some!

Send your images to Doughblogs along with the name you want to be known by on here and they’ll be uploaded. Do comment on here as well.

More leaven results from S below. Apparently these didn’t turn out as well as she’d hoped (!), but they look pretty good to me.



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