Leaven went to many people in many places. From Suffolk, to Sydney, London to Lisbon and lots more places with alliteration to make me laugh.  However, to do this properly, I need to be regulated by the food police and frankly I can’t be arsed. It’s a labour of love and I’ve spread enough love I think (fnar).


7 responses to “Leavensent

  1. Do you post levan to Australia?

    • Can do, would need to be freeze dried though and not sure how customs would treat it ? They may pull it because they’re pretty anal about foodstuffs

  2. I’d be happy to buy leaven. I’ve looked at various books and websites, but I always panic, so if someone’s done the difficult bit for me, that would be fantastic.

    I do make my own bread already, but just have always been slightly panicked by the list of instructions for sourdough, and none of my friends have gone that route either, so I don’t have anyone to get instructions or help from.

  3. I would also pay for the leaven, I don’t think I would feel confident enough £5/7 sounds totally fair to me.

  4. Sounds a great idea, I’d be up for either of those ideas

  5. I can’t be bothered to make leaven and never got around to asking for some when it was going around, although I had wanted to. I would be interested in some dried leaven. I fear the whole starter kit would be too expensive for me, once postage is factored in, but it would of course all depend on cost.

  6. I’d pay for the leaven. I’m lazy! Plus, I would much rather have something that works, as my effort would more than likely resemble play-doh. £5-7 sounds fair, given the cost of ingredients and postage (and time) involved.

    Like the idea of the ‘starter kit’ idea. Great for those who haven’t got the necessary bits; can’t face a trip to Ikea; and want instant(ish) gratification.

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