Guinness and Parmesan rolls

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Have your partners and mates bowing down at your feet when they taste these stout beauties. The making of these couldn’t be simpler, but how impressed will people be when you said you knocked these up before lunch? They will rain down kisses upon you like confetti, and they will grant you every wish your heart desires. Hey, you might even get laid.

What’s that? You don’t like Guinness? Relax, they don’t taste of Guinness. The stout just gives a wonderful depth of flavour when combined with the rye, and the parmesan gives it an edge. The combination is deep, chewy, malty wonderfulness. I bet you won’t have tasted bread like this before – give it a go, it’s SPECTACULAR.

Another one for a Baking Day course.  Stop moaning, they’re not expensive.  Look at the links at the top and get booking.


8 responses to “Guinness and Parmesan rolls

  1. Just made these, I put in 100gm of rye flour by mistake and only cooked them for 10 mins at the end instead of 15 to 20 mins and they came out perfect,

  2. Is the dough meant to be really sticky? I’ve had to flour the surface to knead it properly – oil isn’t enough to stop it sticking.

    • yes fairly sticky. how did it go?

      • Very difficult to handle the dough in all honesty. Overcooked the first batch although after getting through the crust, the bread inside was fab. Second lot of rolls was part baked and I’ll have them at the weekend.

        I definitely need to get a peel though for making rolls – the ‘whooshing’ with the cardboard is a pain. I also seem to need half a tonne of semolina to make them move anywhere, which becomes part of the bread (not bad in itself but not as aesthetically pleasing).

        • how hot is your kitchen? and what was the atmosphere like? was it raining outside? if conditions are the same next time, try using 10% less water. also depends on how wet your leaven is too

  3. Found your blog through Twitter. This recipe sounds yummy – are you using white leaven or rye leaven for it (I’ve got both beasties lurking in my fridge, see…)

    • My leaven started out as white, but now it has more malthouse in it so is a combination of white, rye, barley etc. I’d try it with your rye leaven and if it doesnt give enough “psuh” try again with the white. The rye should be fine though. be great to see any pics of what you make!

  4. Gosh, they look fab. Can’t wait until my leaven arrives.

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