I am awash with chillis. Drowning in them. Thai green ones, habaneros, serrano del sol, you name it, I have it.  Proper arse-blowers, fire creating bullets of loveliness, red balls of kerosene-exploding-in-your-face trauma.  Wonderful.

How to incorporate them into a bread recipe? Umm aah. Wizz them up with oil? Roast them and squish them into dough? Make small rolls containing a devilish surprise? Stuff them and wrap them with a chickpea flatbread?

So give me your ideas please.  If you’re a bored housewife (can I say that? Is it PC?), maybe I should say “stay at home mum”? No that’s dull. The porn industry doesnt make films and magazines called “bored stay at home mums” do they?  So bored or not, housewife or not, let’s have your ideas!

Best bread idea (ie the one I like) wins a jar of chilli chutney, sent presto pronto.   I’ll close it a week from today, ideas in the “leave a reply” section below please.

ETA – Made Als chilli pain au choc.  Nice but used too much cardamom (my fault entirely), and actually, it’s not going to use enough of the chilli mountain.  So am going to go with the Jesus idea of a curry bun, using a vegetable chilli and packing it into a naan-style chickpea bread.

So the Messiah gets the jar of arse blowing bullets of gloriousness.  Well done the lord.


4 responses to “Chillis

  1. How about a curry spice-bread? Dry some of the chillis, then dry fry alongside the usual curry powder suspects (fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, cloves, fenugreek etc.) Whizz it up and stick some of the powder in your dough. I bet it’d taste fab dipped in tomato soup, or topped with olive oil and halloumi.

  2. With some of the larger/juicier ones, I’d try partially sun-drying them, storing in olive oil and using in an olive/sundried tomato/onion bread. Possibly with some onion seeds as well.

  3. I have something of a glut of chillis, so I can sypathise with your dilemma! I have been having a lot of fun with chilli-chocolate-cardamon combinations recently. Perhaps you could use that in some kind of danish, rolled bun, or a pain au chocolat? Not going to put much a dent in the chilli mountain, but would consume a few and tastes epic. I’d try melting chocolate, flavouring with cardamon seeds and puréed chilli, and using it as you would normally use chocolate. Orange zest (in moderation) can also really set this combination off. You’ll probably know this, but cooking chilli and cardamon with chocolate (as opposed to most other ingredient) really cooks the heat and aroma into the mix, increasing the spice and heat intensity, rather than cooking them out. Look forward to hearing about whatever you do.

  4. phil (twitter @Bakerphil22)

    Chargrill some of the chilli first then puree then but keep all the blackened skin on them,

    Chargrill some more and keep them in a jar of olive oil, and then use the oil to use for kneqding your bread or as a dip,,
    Hope this helps you in using some up.


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