It’s all about me, right?  No not really. It’s about the bread baby.

I’m not a professional baker, and I’m not a chef. I enjoy baking and I’m pretty good at it (get me).  I love to show people how to make really simple but excellent bread, and to try to do just a little something to get people away from the pappy, indigestible, preservative-filled rubbish that has become the staple bread diet in the UK.

If you want to contact me, the best way is via Twitter, there is a link on the front page.  If you want to give me lots of money, bear my children or shower me in gifts, then send me a direct message via Twitter, and if you are size 10 female over 5’9 with long legs, I’ll definitely respond.  If not, I can’t promise.  Mind you if Tom Ford messaged me I’d probably respond to him.  Probably.

Ps, My name’s Mike.

Babycham Brioche


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